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Compose your own program from the following works!

Sonatas for violin and piano

Prokofiev    Sonata no. 2  in D major op. 94 bis
Franck                                 in A major
Ravel                                   in G major
Beethoven                          in F major op. 24 (Frühlingssonate)
Schubert                             in A major ‘Duo’, D 574 op. Posth. 162
Schumann   Son      no. 1 in a minor op.105

Sonatinas for violin and piano

Schubert Sonatina op. 137 no. 1 in D major
Schubert Sonatina op. 137 no. 2 in a minor
Schubert Sonatina op. 137 no. 3 in g minor

Rachmaninoff      From: Two pieces for violin and piano op. 6
Rachmaninoff           Romance and Hongarian Dance.

Tchaikovsky        From: ‘Souvenir d’un lieu Cher’ op. 42
Tchaikovsky              Méditation, Scherzo en Mélodie

Stravinsky           From:  Suite Italienne for violin and piano (selectino)
Stravinsky                 Introduzione, Serenata, Gavotta (con due Variazioni), Minuetto e Finale

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