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‘Beethoven 250’ To Beethoven’s 250th Birthday in 2020

1. Beethoven Quartet D major, op. 18 no. 3
2. Shostakovich Quartet Des major op. 133 no. 12
3. Beethoven Quartet Es major, op. 127 no. 12

Beethoven is one of the main “Quartet” composers whose sixteen quartets remain the core of the repertoire of the Atrium Quartet from the beginning of their international career in London’s Wigmore Hall. Their performance of Beethoven’s op. 59 no. 2 was named the best during the 9th International London String Quartet Competition. Later the recording of the 10th quartet appeared to be the recording of the month by Gramophone Magazine.

For 2020 Atrium Quartet received an invitation to perform the cycle of all Beethoven quartets in Suntory Hall Tokyo, being the first Russian Quartet ever to receive such honor.
In addition to Beethoven the Atrium Quartet always offers one of Shostakovich’s quartets into the program. They strongly believe that the Beethoven – Shostakovich combination probably is one of the best possible, based on their almost 20 years concert history.

Choice: Shostakovich – Piano Quintet in g minor op. 57
Pianist Misha Fomin

“Trip to Central Asia through Sint-Petersburg’

Rachmaninov – Unfinished String Quartet no. 2
Khalmamedov – String Quartet “In memory of woman and children dead during WWII”
Chary Nurymov – String Quartet no. 2 “In memory of Indira Ghandi”
Arensky – String Quartet op. 35 no. 2 “In memory of Tchaikovsky”

Atrium Quartet always tries to present he pieces which are rarely performed or sometimes even never performed by other ensembles. This program includes two works by Sint-Petersburg composers written in XIX century – Rachmaninov and Arensky (pupil and his teacher).

The very end of the XX century was a productive time for composers from Turkmenistan. 
Almost all of them studied in Moscow and Sint-Petersburg and were the followers of Russian Soviet school of composers. They based their works on Turkmen folk music. 
Two key Turkmen composers Khalmamedov and Nurymov were undoubtedly the best among others. Their quartets belong to the best examples of chamber music written in Central Asia.

Atrium Quartet prepares a new recording which will include compositions of Turkmen composers.


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